vinpak inc

Since 2003, Vinpak Inc. has offered bonded wine packaging services to a distinguished client base throughout Napa Valley and California’s wine country. The company’s esteemed reputation is built on an unyielding commitment to exceptional customer service, communication and quality control.

Vinpak’s Quality Assurance Program encompasses three basic steps: 1.) determination of quality levels and metrics required by each individual customer; 2.) measurement and analysis of those metrics throughout production; and 3.) regular customer communication on quality metrics and rates.

To maintain its exceptional customer service levels, Vinpak provides specialized employee training based on each individual’s job responsibilities. The company further provides the tools and resources each employee needs. Keeping the customer abreast throughout the process, Vinpak offers rapid turn-around for even the most time-sensitive schedules.

In 2009, Vinpak relocated to the 250,000 square foot state-of-the-art Valley Wine Warehouse facility to give clients a truly cost-effective single-source solution for both warehousing and packaging. This immense storage space provides enhanced capability both year-round and during peak seasons. The site, designed specifically for wine storage with exceptional logistics, is enhanced further with a powerful third-generation cooling system and a advanced AMS warehouse software system. All customer assets are safeguarded around-the-clock by a sophisticated security monitoring system. Voted “warehouse of the year for new construction” by the North Bay Business Journal, Valley Wine Warehouse can load any truck or container type – setting the benchmark for wine storage in Napa Valley.

La Rae Kaarup, co-founder of Vinpak Inc., brings more than a decade of experience in labor and resource management to the company. In this role, La Rae works to ensure total compliance and to promote lean operations. She strives to continually maximize resources, boosting transparency, cost and overall customer satisfaction. Mrs. Kaarup is the primary driver behind the company’s sales and marketing program, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction are achieved at all times.

Keith Kaarup, co-founder of Vinpak Inc., was raised in the wine industry throughout Northern and Southern California. During this time, he gathered invaluable insight and experience in business processes, manufacturing, shipping, inventory, compliance and logistics, inventory costing issues, marketing and sales. During a multi-year tenure in the Silicon Valley’s high-tech industry, he advanced his knowledge of business process outsourcing and best practice, transferring this expertise into a similar model applicable in the wine industry. Mr. Kaarup is dedicated to fostering the company’s founding values based on communication, integrity, sustainability, quality and time-sensitivity.